Making the World a Better Place, One LED at a Time

Posted by:Rosa Burns Posted on:12 June 2022 Comments:0

Taking the step towards sustainability doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. In fact, it can come in simple ways such as planting your own fruits and vegetables, using your own reusable bags at the store and reducing the number of times you use your car.

We started finding ways to lessen our electricity consumption at home. Although we don’t use too many appliances, our electric bill was still high. We found out that the lights that we use at night were the culprit.

For safety purposes, we usually turn on our lights in the living room, kitchen, and corridor. When we did the math, we found out that we’ve been consuming 1kWh every evening, That’s almost £1 a day.

We then set on a journey to find the best LED bulbs. These are known to use less electricity compared to the regular light bulbs in the market. They even last longer and are recyclable, too. However, it was hard for us to find the ones that produce faint and warm light to make our home look nice.

Fortunately, we were able to find the ones that suit our taste at Crompton. It was a 2700K, GU10 dimmable bulb. We bought it at a hefty price of £200. We didn’t mind it because we know that we are going to save a lot on our electricity bill in the long run.

After two years of using LED bulbs at home, we have saved so much money. It is a good feeling to know that aside from saving our pockets, we are also saving the world one LED bulb at a time.

If you are someone who is committed to making the world a better place, you can start by using LED bulbs at home. Like us, you can enjoy the following benefits that we mentioned above.


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