Kiln Dried Wood

Posted by:Rosa Burns Posted on:15 July 2022 Comments:0

If you are like us who use firewood in your home’s heating system, then you know the struggle of finding the best wood that won’t hold up too much moisture, is efficient, and burns longer. 

One of the problems we face is the inconvenience of filling it up every few hours because it burns fast. Another one is when it produces too much smoke.

Fortunately, we were able to know about kiln-dried wood. We’ve been enjoying the several benefits of using it as our source of energy.

What is kiln-dried wood and what are its advantages?

This is a type of firewood that is dried in a kiln. The kiln drying process involves the removal of moisture from the wood by placing it in a large kiln.

Kiln-dried wood is better than air-dried wood because it removes excess moisture even in old-aged woods. This makes the wood last longer when it burns. The hotter fire it produces also saves you on your heating bill.

The following are the other benefits of kiln-dried wood:

  • You can install it easily.
  • It lasts longer when stored.
  • It has no bugs.
  • The quality is consistent.
  • It takes a shorter time to dry.

How we dried our own wood supply

The wood that we collected in our area was stored in our DIY drying log store. We then split the logs into different sizes by using a chainsaw. The split logs were then placed in an open garage. We did this to expose them to as much air as possible. If you want to follow what we did, just make sure your open garage won’t be entered by rain.

Final Thoughts

We bought this type of firewood as a substitute since we were running out of wood supply. So far, we are enjoying this efficient heat source because it lasts longer and it burns hotter.


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