Improve Your Garden Soil with These 6 Easy Ways

Posted by:Rosa Burns Posted on:20 August 2022 Comments:0

The soil is the most crucial element in gardening. You cannot grow your fruits and vegetables without them. Its quality can either make or break your plants which is why great care must be provided.

As someone who has been gardening for a long time, I have met a lot of challenges in maintaining my soil’s quality. Here, I compiled these 9 easy ways that I have learned in improving garden soil.

1. Use organic matter in nourishing your soil

Going organic is always the best way if you want sustainable and nourished garden soil. Think of it like our bodies. If we eat too much processed food, we become sick. The same goes for our soil.

Organic materials don’t have to be expensive at all. You can just use fallen leaves, kitchen leftovers, and garden junk during the winter to prepare your soil.

2. Befriend the worms

As a gardener, worms are your best friends. You don’t have to overwork yourself because these little creatures can help you in tilling the soil. The best way to attract these friends is through sheet mulching. You have to plan this in advance though.

3. Test your soil and provide what is needed

Soil test kits are readily available in the market. This is an important step no matter how seasoned you are as a gardener. Always send a soil sample to any certified laboratory to know what you need to work around before the start of a new planting season.

4. Add some nitrogen

Nitrogen is the most essential nutrient that your soil needs. It’s needed by plants and other organisms. However, it only has a short supply. That is why you always have to add an adequate amount of nitrogen. Some natural sources of concentrated nitrogen are seed, blood, and animal manure.

5. Maintain your garden regularly

Always be on the lookout for weeds and pests that can disrupt the growth of your garden. It is best to start right after winter when every organism, good or bad, starts waking up again.

6. Allow your soil to dry

Do not attempt to work on waterlogged soil. Not only will it destroy its structure, but it will also lose all the air out. When this happens, important organisms in the soil will have a hard time breathing.-


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