What We Learned From Growing Hard Neck Garlic

Posted by:rosa Posted on:11 July 2022 Comments:0

Growing garlic is fun and fulfilling since it does not require much in the way of attention and space. It might require some weeding, but it is not going to be anything particularly tedious. Besides, what could be better than harvesting your very own garlic in the early summer?

There is a hard-neck garlic known as Eden Rose that we plan to plant this year. We are thrilled because this is a variety that produces scapes, which are allegedly delicious once sauteed. These scapes come from the coil and bulb. Upon harvesting, they will look like curly, long green beans. We are eager to see what we can do with them.

What else distinguishes a hard neck from and soft neck? Aside from developing scapes, hard necks are better in cold climates since they can withstand harsh winters. They are allegedly more flavorful as well, although they develop fewer cloves than soft necks. Moreover, it is worth noting that they shrivel and deteriorate only four to six months after they are harvested. If you want more cloves and live somewhere warm, soft necks might be better.

We planted them in the early part of November. The variety comes with large, rose-colored cloves that can be peeled easily. We chose a huge pack, so we expect to see about 40 to 45 garlic heads in the summer. If you like garlic as much as we do, you will already know that this is an incredible return on investment!

In our household, we eat garlic in our meals pretty much every day. Of course, we do this mostly because we love how much flavor it adds to our diet. Not only is it a tasty addition to most dishes, but it is also rich in antioxidants and prebiotics. Let us not forget that it is also a breeze to grow, store, and cure them. Anyone with enough space will do well to plant and harvest garlic.

There is nothing to worry about if you have never planted garlic in the past. You should know that it is not too late to do it. There is still time to go about it, but it will be better if you do this as soon as possible. Once you set the garlic into the soil, you are going to be fine. Do it at your earliest availability if you want to witness a great harvest in the coming year.


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